The History of Unique Transitions

It all started with my great-grandfather, John Kapal. John graduated from Molor Barber/Beauty College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1926. He barbered in Milwaukee for 70 years until 1996. John owned and operated "Kapal's Barber Shop", it was a chair barbershop (at one time it was the oldest operating barber in Milwaukee). John also had a sister, Elanor. Elanor graduated from Adell Beauty School in Milwaukee in 1921. Elanor also owned and operated "Elanor's Beauty Salon" for 54 years until 1975. John then had three sons, Jerry, Larry, Rich, and one daughter Nancy, who all went into the Barber/Beauty Industry.

Jerry graduated from M.I.T. (Milwaukee Institute of Technology) in 1954 and worked at "Kapal's Barber Shop" for 6 years, before opening and operating his own shop, "Jerry the Barber" in Milwaukee. Jerry's Shop was open for 13 years, until 1973 when he moved to Crivitz. Jerry continues today at "Jerry the Barber" in Crivitz and has been barbering for 58+ years.

Larry graduated from M.I.T. in 1958 and also worked at "Kapal's Barber Shop" along with his brothers. Larry moved to New Berlin, Wisconsin, where he barbered until 1982, a total of 24 years.

Rich, who went into the service first and then graduated from M.I.T. in 1956. After graduation, Rich worked at "Kapal's Barber Shop" before opening and operating his own "Kapal's Barbershop" in Slinger, Wisconsin for about 15 years. Rich then moved to Winnoconnie, Wisconsin for another 15+ years, where he barbered there until 1996, barbering for a total of about 40 years.

Nancy graduated from Adell Beauty School in 1955 and worked at her Aunt's "Elanor's Beauty Salon" until 1963 for 7 years.

Rich had a daughter, Karen, who also went into the Barber/Beauty Industry. Karen graduated from Northeast Technical College in 1976 and barbered until 1980 for 4 years.

Jerry then had two daughters, Lorie and Valerie, that went into the Barber/Beauty Industry.

Valerie graduated from Wisconsin College of Cosmetology in Green Bay in 1989. Valerie worked at Regis in Green Bay for 6 months before moving to Florida in 1990. She worked at a salon in Tallahassee, Florida for about 4 years. She then moved to Tampa, Florida and has worked at "Shear Art" for almost 20 years, where she became a partner. Valerie has been barbering for over 23 years.

Lorie graduated from Wisconsin College of Cosmetology in Green Bay in 1977. Lorie worked for "Dee's Salon of Beauty" for 3 years, and "The Comb and Brush" in Crivitz for 3 years before she managed and operated "Lorie's Hair Designs" for 1 year. Lorie then opened "Lorie's Creative Hair Designs" in Crivitz, where she owned and operated her business for 24 years until 2007. She now works at her daughter's salon in Crivitz (Unique Transitions Salon & Spa). Lorie has been in the hair industry for over 35 years.

Lorie's daughter, Sarah, carried the same passion for the industry as her mother.

I, Sarah, graduated from Wisconsin College of Cosmetology in 2001. I then worked at "Lorie's Creative Hair Designs" for 6 years before moving to Tampa, Florida where I worked at "Shear Art Salon" for 1 year. I then moved back to Crivitz and built "Unique Transitions Salon & Spa". I have now been in the hair industry for 10+ years. I am looking forward to following the successful footsteps of my family.

As you can see, there has been a passion for the hair industry for over 85 years. There is something to say about making your dreams come true. I feel everyone that has a passion for their career, will be the best they can possibly be. Unique Transitions has been open for over 6 years now, and I cannot thank the clients and customers enough, especially those that have supported my journey in my life. Without our dedicated clients and loyal employees, Unique Transitions would not be a success. If you are just now hearing about us, I gladly invite you to explore our website or call us with any questions or comments you may have. I would love for you to become a part of our family, and experience our wonderful customer service and our great establishment first hand.

Again, a special thank you to all who have supported Unique Transitions and thank you for being a part of our growing family.

- Sarah Kostreva


"So glad to have this kind of pampering so close to home! The service is exceptional!"

Tammy Schlies, facebook review.

"There is no salon that compares to the amazing talent and passion at unique transitions!"

Megan Shelby, facebook review.

"Amazing talent in this salon! Love walking out of there feeling and looking amazing!"

Mellissa Marie, facebook review.